GAMMA Traders



    • NCT0023

      POLDI Impact Hardness Tester.

      With test bar and set of Comparison tables.

      Additional test bars and material hardness available.

    • CT0008

      TELEBRINELLER Impact Hardness Kit complete.

      Additional test bars and material hardness available.

    • NCT0217

      SADT Hartip 3000 portable digital hardness tester. The Hartip 3000 is a state of the art hand held Leeb hardness tester. Hardness is measured as the quotient of the tungsten carbide impact body’s rebound velocity over its impact velocity. Hardness values are automatically converted to Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Shore.




      • Probe (impact device D) and cable
      • Hardness test block
      • Carry case Battery
      • Operators manual
      • Calibration certificate

      Optional accessories

      • Micro printer
      • Impact device DC, D+15, G, C, E, DL
      • Software Special support rings
      • Leather case
      • PC / printer cable
    • NCT0248

      Sonohard SH-21-E2 UT Hardness Tester
      The Handy Hardness Tester (SONOHARD®) model SH-21 (E) differs completely from traditional hardness testers from a viewpoint that instead of measuring the size of the indentation in the test sample using a microscope, it employs a diamond indenter equipped with a vibrating rod that presses on the test surface at a fixed force and then measures its hardness by applying ultrasonic vibrations.

      Motorised probe
      Hardness Test Block (HRC55)
      Probe Cable - 1.5m
      AC Adaptor - 100V to 240V
      Battery Charger
      Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
      Carry Case


    • NCB0049

      Hardness Test Calibration Block (Leeb value)

    • NCP0072

      Hardness Tester Impact Device Probe

    • NCB0019

      Ball for Hardness Tester Impact Device

    • NCB0021

      Impact Body for Hardness Tester

    • NCB0001

      Poldi Hardness Tester Bar (12.2 x 12.2mm)

    • NCB0002

      Telebrineller Hardness Tester Bar (14.2 x 14.2mm)

    • NCB0039

      Telebrineller Hardness Tester Ball