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    The cost of shutting down and cleaning storage tanks ready for internal inspection is costly and time consuming. If no repairs are required the costs have been largely wasted and could have been better spent on other projects, or not at all.

    PAC, together with it's major customers have developed a method of evaluating overall floor condition without removing the tanks from service. The evaluation is based on experience from follow up internal inspection and in many case the floor scanning of tanks monitored under carefully controlled conditions.

    TANKPAC is not an inspection method, but a sorting system which can separate good tanks from bad ones and in so doing concentrate maintenance where it is most needed. Highly sensitive sensors are placed along the perimeter of the tank wall. Following a period of conditioning during which the valves are closed and the heaters/agitators are turned off the tank is monitored for a period of time. The fracture of corrosion products is detected together with leaks which are active during the monitoring phase. Defects may be located using a method of triangulation however the most important information from a maintenance point of view is the overall condition of the tank floor which is graded by the AE software from "A" to "E". A being the best result and E being the worst.

  • VPAC

    VPAC enables estimation of through-valve leakage based on measurements made using a PAC model 5131 Valve Leak Detector together with data on the size and valve type and differential pressure. It was developed for use on refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms. Primarily the technology is for estimating gas losses, gas to gas or liquid to gas. Limited leakage is also included in the technology package. The system is virtually immune to environmental and process noise by virtue of the advanced sensor technology. This ensures that measurements are easily made on line with no requirement for extensive training of operators.

    • Identifies through-valve gas losses.
    • Estimates leak rate. Totally non-intrusive.
    • On-Line measurement. Field Proven by BP.
    • 10 Year Database.
    • Portable. Intrinsically Safe.
    • Simple Operation. 300 Point Memory.
    • PC Loss Calculator.
    • MONPAC

      This is an expert system for evaluating the condition of metal pressure systems and tanks based on over 2000 tests. Monsanto developed the procedures and applicability, PAC the instrumentation and software. MONPAC is now widely used in the chemical and oil industries. Benefits of the method are largely seen in the reduced inspection costs and minimal down time of each vessel resulting from improved information about the plant condition.

      MONPAC is particularly effective on spheres, columns and for tank shell integrity but may be used on complete process systems. The software returns a colour coding for the severity of emissions, complete with associated recommendations. Testing is carried out by trained engineers familiar with all MONPAC’s procedures.

      Location of defects is made possible using the triangulation method i.e. three sensors and their respective arrival times to each sensor. Additional software is available on request and can be used in conjunction with MONPAC’s powerful software base.