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About Us

Gamma Trading was established in 2010 and is a wholly owned Egyptian LLC. Gamma Trading is proud to be the sole agent and representative of Gammatec in Egypt and soon to expand to neighboring countries in the North Africa region.

 We supply the full range of equipment and services offered by Gammatec and all its partners worldwide.

Gammatec was established in 1981 and is a wholly owned South African Propriety Company. Initially the Company only marketed and sold its limited range of NDT Products in the Republic but, with the lifting of political sanctions on the Country in 1994, Gammatec quickly and successfully made use of the new opportunities presented by the rest of the world’s NDT Industry. Currently we actively export to over sixty countries worldwide, with our Head Office in Vereeniging South Africa. Our offices in Port Harcourt in Nigeria, Dubai in the UAE and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, provide a high profile “ground floor” presence in these regions. The Nigerian office services all the oil and gas rich countries of West Africa while the Vereeniging office not only services South Africa, but also other countries in Africa and surrounding Islands. The Middle East, Baltic and Eastern Europe are handled from the Dubai office and South East Asia by our KL office.

The Gammatec range of Non Destructive Testing Equipment, Accessories and Consumables that are not only stocked, but in many cases manufactured, include:
Acoustic Emission; Dye Penetrant; Eddy Current – including Systems; Magnetic Particle; Radiography – X-Ray & Gamma Ray (including Radioisotopes); Ultrasonic – Flaw Detectors, Wall Thickness Monitors etc; Phased Array Technology and Visual Inspection.

The Company’s highly trained National and International Sales and Administrative Staff at all centres allows Customer enquiries and purchases to be quickly and efficiently executed and products such as Radioisotopes and sensitive Ultrasonic Flaw Detection equipment to be handled with competent ease.
The world class Banking System in South Africa affords overseas clients the best financial trading possible and is active in most countries worldwide. Furthermore in excess of twenty five major airlines service the Country’s trade and tourist requirements.

Staff is viewed as an asset and is carefully selected. Training is invested in suitable members allowing the company to not only offer jobs, but careers. This has paid handsomely, the end result being felt down the line by our clients.

Gammatec’s associate Companies namely Gamma Film Industries (Kodak) and Gamma Trading Industries (Commodities) are all complimentary to the others of the Group.

The Turnkey One-Stop policy that Gammatec offers, makes it an exciting and interesting organisation to deal with and the Group’s Motto of “CLIENT IS KING” speaks for itself.