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Electronic Department: Repairs and Calibration service.

Our electronic dept offer a full back up service catering for the full compliment of non-destructive equipment. Our electronic workforce consists of three electronic technicians and two electronic engineers.

The complete scope of work carried out in our electronic department is as follows:

Service and Calibration

  • Utrasonic Flaw Detectors
  • Utrasonic Thickness Meters
  • Digital and analogue densitometer

Service and repair

  • Radiation Survey Meters
  • Automatic Film dryers
  • Automatic Film Developers
  • Electro - Magnetic Yokes
  • X-Ray equipment and Gamma Equipment

Service, repair and Calibration

  • Eddy Current Equipmet
  • Acoustic Emmision
  • Digital Hardness tester


  • Film Viewers
  • Ultra Violet LampsV Light