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Gammatec carries the full range of Elcometer and other selected inspection and measurement instruments:

Surface preparation


Surface Profile Comparators

Mechanical Adhesion Testers

Keane-Tator Surface Profile Comparators

Hydraulic Adhesion Testers

Thickness Gauges

Cross Hatch Cutters

Testex Tape     

Cross Hatch Templates

Pipe Pit Gauges

Universal Paint Inspection Gauges

Surface Profile Gauges





Climate monitoring     


Digital Thermometers    

“Novo Gloss” Gloss meters


“Micro-Gloss” Gloss meters

Magnetic Thermometers

“Novo Curve” Gloss meters

Dew-point Calculators

Dew Meters





Wet Film and Powder 

Inspectors Accessories

Wet Film Combs


Powder Film Combs

Inspection Mirrors

Paint Inspection Gauges

Safety Torches


 Taber Abrasers

 Taber Shear / Scratch Testers


Inspection Kits

Site inspection requires a range of portable testing equipment. In order to make these products easily available and transportable, Elcometer have developed a range of Coating Inspection Kits. All gauges are conveniently stored in a hard plastic protective carrying case and are supplied with full

operating instructions.