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Key Suppliers


AGR Field Operations design, develop and manufacture compact, reliable, advanced, multi-functional ultrasonic systems. Our easy to use Windows® XP based software provides a fully integrated time of flight diffraction, pulse echo and phased array capability in our tough, feature-rich portable ultrasonic acquisition units.


World leaders in precision and quality engineering for all NDT Equipment, Products and Standard Accessories. Ardrox Engineering is internationally recognised as a sector leader in the specialist Non Destructive Testing (NDT) fields of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FTI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).


Located in Belgium, close to the German and the Dutch border Balteau NDT S.A. is specialised in the manufacturing of X-Ray generators designed for quality control of industrial products as well as general NDT equipment and product.


Dakota is a manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment most commonly used in the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, and other generally related industries. We also manufacture a line of ultrasonic bolting equipment that very accurately measures the stress, elongation, and load in threaded fasteners.


Ely are a pioneer of magnetic and penetrant chemicals. A company globally renowned for its high quality tried and tested products. The NDT business of Ely Chemical Company will be incorporated into the Aerospace Technologies Division of Chemetall's Surface Treatment business and will complement the existing NDT product line of Ardrox® products strengthening Chemetall's position as a leading global manufacturer for non-destructive testing materials.


G.A.L. Gage Company manufactures high-quality precision alignment and weld measuring gauges. Our products include the 7 piece fillet weld set, bridge cam gauge, adjustable fillet weld and the unique Gap-A-Let® Ring for socket welding; to name but a few. “The best solution to your needs will always be the best fit to your requirements”.


Lo-Rad Radiographic Systems core focus and objective is to provide specialised equipment and techniques which allow for radiography to be conducted within a 3 meter barricade, under most circumstances and meet with the required dose rates of 7.5uSv/h. Lo-Rad aims to provide NDT Companies and Petrochemical plants, worldwide, with a practical and easy to use “close proximity radiographic system".


NTP Radioisotopes (Pty) Ltd's business is focused on the production and marketing of nuclear technology based products, including Industrial Isotopes such as IR-192, Se-75, Cs-137 and Co.60. The operations are based at the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation's (Necsa) Pelindaba site, near Pretoria, South Africa.


Physical Acoustics Corporation - PAC - designs and manufactures acoustic emission sensors and acoustic emission measurement instruments under a quality program which is certified to ISO-9001 standards. Acoustic emission research is offered at the advanced level, with the company currently active on several commercial industrial and government applied research contracts.


Mirion Technologies has a long history of providing mission critical products to detect, monitor and identify radiation. The company is comprised of five divisions: Health Physics, Radiation Monitoring Systems, Sensing Systems, Dosimetry Services and Imaging Systems. Globally these divisions provide the highest quality products and services to a wide range of customers including nuclear power plants, military and civil defense agencies, hospitals, universities and national laboratories, and other specialized industries.


Sino Age Development Technology, Ltd. (SADT), established in 1993, is a leading manufacturer / supplier of measuring and testing instrument, specialized in NDT and quality control fields. Our main products cover portable and bench type hardness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, roughness tester, handheld metallurgical microscope, portable vibration meter, optical tachometer and so on.


Sonatest Limited has one over-riding and driving motivation - to design, manufacture and market the world's best 'Non Destructive Evaluation' (NDE or NDT) products. From our UK based HQ, we design and produce a wide range of high performance ultrasonic equipment and NDT accessories, employing cutting edge technology in our range of non-destructive testing equipment.


Zetec is the World-leader in providing nondestructive (NDE) inspection solutions based on integrated multi-method technologies — eddy current, ultrasonic, remote field and magnetic flux leakage. The company offers the complete NDE solution including a line of turn-key systems, instrumentation, software products, supplies, calibration, repair, training and inspection services, all offered world wide.